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        Lawn Care Software

        Scheduling, routing, time tracking and billing app for lawn care pros

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        lawn care software

        Get more customers and run your business efficiently.

        Use the mobile app when you’re in the field and the desktop app back at the office. 

        Plannit lawn care software saves hours on:

        • Dispatching and route planning and optimization 
        • Scheduling and managing recurring visits
        • Payment collection 
        • Seasonal contract renewals
        • Ensuring quality control and employee training with job checklists

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        Plannit Puts Your Customers First

        Plannit is lawn care business software built from the ground up to help you provide the best customer service, all the way from the initial inquiry, to getting paid.

        It offers all the tools you need to efficiently communicate with customers no matter whether they prefer phone, text, or email.

        In addition, it helps you track recurring payments, seasonal contracts, job changes, and cancellations, all from a single application.

        lawn-care-business software

        Plannit helps you put a professional face on all your customer interactions, all while it ensures every other part of your business is running smoothly.


        Work Crew Management

        Give your crew leads the tools they need to manage their team better. Give new team members a way to ask questions of your veterans on another job.

        • Coordinate with crew leads using in-app chat
        • Track employee time on the clock
        • Attach quality control checklists to any job
        • Add custom notes to work orders or customer files, so routine and VIP jobs are handled right every time
        • Use built-in GPS tracking, so you always know where each employee is
        • Add or remove stops to daily itineraries as priorities change


        Scheduling & Dispatching

        Last-minute customer requests and unexpected weather can wreak havoc on your schedule. Plannit features an intuitive planning tool that allows you to update your agenda and routes in minutes.

        • Get optimized driving routes, so you save time and fuel to make each route as profitable as possible
        • Create routes according to service type, contract type, and sector
        • Easily modify routes in case of inclement weather or urgent requests
        • See all scheduled jobs in an easy-to-read calendar
        • Easily schedule seasonal and recurring visits
        • Monitor the live status of jobs in progress


        Estimating & Invoicing

        Send estimates and get paid for everything from routine weekly jobs to one-off VIP projects, all right in the Plannit app. Your customers can approve work with a single click. They can pay with a credit card online.

        • Save estimate and invoice templates for standard job types
        • Quickly set up contract renewals to lock in recurring revenue
        • Customize quotes with flexible payment options and terms
        • Plannit offers easy in-person or online payments so your customers can pay how they prefer, which means you get paid faster and more reliably
        • Connect Plannit to QuickBooks, so all your finances stay synced


        CRM App

        Easily keep track of everything you need to know about each of your clients. Plannit’s CRM tools put all of their contact information, addresses, work histories, payment schedules, and special requests in an organized, searchable format.

        • Easily manage multi-address clients, like property management companies or commercial parks
        • Complete customer histories available at your fingertips
        • Log notes about special landscaping requests
        • Clients can communicate with you any way they want 24/7, and it all shows up in Plannit's communication hub
        • Customer communications are automatically linked in their file for quick reference

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