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        Two-Way Text Messaging

        Communicate with your customers via text messages within the Plannit app
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        By adding the Text Messaging option to your Plannit app, you'll benefit from an additional option to connect with your customers via their preferred method of communication.

        • Receive and reply to your customers' text messages directly from Plannit's centralized message center. 
        • Send work orders, invoices and quotes by text message in a single click
        • Send appointment confirmations
        • Provides an alternative solution to email communications, that may get blocked by SPAM filters

        Faster, better communication helps you look like a pro and stand out from the competition. Plannit offers many features that make it easy for you to offer a great customer experience. Automated responses, our intelligent phone bot and a website chatbot lets your customers know their message is received and that you’re taking care of them.

        Plannit handles it for you even when you’re driving or in the middle of another important job.

        • Automatically let customers know you’re on the way
        • Create customer surveys
        • Quickly respond 24/7 to any questions they might have
        • Send friendly reminders to schedule seasonal or annual service

        Your customers’ time is as valuable as yours

        Don’t leave your customers waiting for simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answers before they decide to book your service. Use Plannit’s chatbot and pre-programmed messages to get them the information they need to make an informed decision.

        Customers don’t always want an extended phone call. Today, more and more busy people just want a quick reply so they can make a decision.

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