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        Smart Phone Bot 

        Make sure every customer gets answers to their questions when they need them - even when you're in the field.
        >> Add-on cost: $50/month

        Plannit's smart Phone Bot acts like a virtual assistant. It answers your calls while you're in the field, takes messages, and helps to prequalify prospects.

        • Your customers and prospects get answers to their questions when they want and need them. 
        • Answers to qualifying questions and messages are recorded in Plannit's message center, helping you manage follow-ups.
        • Never forget to call someone back again. 

        Plannit's phone bot is customizable. You can choose which questions you'd like to have it answer for you, and which questions you'd like it to ask when a prospect calls in.

        Contact us for more info, or to add the Phone Bot to your plan today!

        Your customers’ time is as valuable as yours

        Don’t leave your customers waiting for simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answers before they decide to book you. Use Plannit’s phone bot with pre-programmed messages to get them the information they need to make an informed decision. Customers don’t always want an extended phone call. Today, more and more busy people just want a quick reply so they can make a decision.

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