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        Route Planning Software

        • Save time on dispatching jobs and optimizing routes
        • Locate teams in real time with GPS tracking
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        With the Route Planning and GPS add-on, our unique planning module lets you view your agenda, list of jobs, and map all on a single screen, so that you have all the information you need to efficiently schedule and track jobs by route.

        • Plan and optimize daily routes and recurring visits in a few easy clicks
        • Minimize the distance travelled between jobs
        • Get more jobs done in a day
        • Locate employees at any time and track progress with GPS tracking
        • Make it easy to fit in emergency service calls

        See Plannit's route planning in action.

        Watch our short demo video to see how you can quickly plan routes for your day, or recurring routes, and optimize them with a click.



        Plannit finds the most efficient routes for your drivers. Plan and save recurring itineraries in a few clicks. 

        • Optimize routes with a single click
        • Update routes the second a job is added to or removed from an itinerary
        • Automatically record each visit in the Plannit app
        • GPS tracking allows you to locate teams in real-time

        Monitor your teams’ progress with built-in GPS tracking.

        There’s no need to text teammates constantly. The Plannit app offers built-in GPS tracking, so you’ll always know exactly where your employees are.

        • Put customers at ease by being able to tell them exactly how long until a team member arrives
        • Automatically record each visit in the Plannit app
        • GPS tracking allows you to locate teams in real-time

        Combine superior customer service tools with up-to-the-second GPS location data.

        Stand out from the competition by using Plannit’s live GPS and routing information to provide better customer service. 

        • Easily add or change the order of planned visits on-demand
        • Automatically find the closest team members available to handle urgent, same-day requests
        • Notify customers upon arrival

        Plannit routing and GPS work for any business.

        Plannit’s routing and GPS tools are designed to meet the needs of small home service businesses. This isn’t complicated fleet management software shoehorned into an app. This is lightweight, flexible, but powerful route planning and live vehicle tracking that gets you the information you need to get more jobs done in the day.


        Mapping technology anyone can use.

        If you can tap a map icon on a smartphone screen, you can use Plannit’s mapping technology. Plannit’s experts are also there to help train your team in using it and offering tips and tricks to get the most out of our routing and GPS tools. Your company could be up and running with optimized GPS routes in as little as 48 hours with Plannit’s onboarding service.

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