Online Payments for Home Services

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Making payment fast and convenient for your customers means getting paid faster

online payments for home services

Plannit offers integrated credit card processing right in the app.

  • No more late payments, bounced checks, or collections calls
  • Get paid faster, easier, and reliably
  • Make it easy to manage all of your business finances in one place

Credit card processing and integrated payment options make your home services company look even more professional and allows you to stand out from the crowd. 

  • Generate invoices automatically when a customer approves a quote
  • Let customers process credit card payments online as soon as a job is complete
  • Sync transactions with QuickBooks to keep all of your finances in one place and avoid double data entry

No external payment terminal required

Plannit is an all-in-one home service business app with payment processing built right in. 

  • Online credit card processing integrated right into the app
  • No external terminal needed
  • No more juggling a mix of payment services, planning apps and accounting systems

The easy way to get paid quickly

Use Plannit to make working with customers one seamless experience.

  • Begin the conversation in Plannit’s communication hub and log essential details in the contact record.
  • Clarify needs and send them a quote by email or text message right from the app.
  • When customers approve the work online, you can then send an invoice, and get paid, all from a single application.

Your job is handled, and your customer is happy.


The easy way to give your customers the options they want

Smart home service business owners know that today’s customers want choices when it comes to paying.

Offering integrated processing not only streamlines your accounting, but it also makes your customers happier.

  • Save time
  • Reduce processing errors
  • Receive funds faster than checks
  • Reduce accounting needs

Anyone can get up and running with Plannit payment processing

Integrated payment processing is within reach of any-sized home service company. One-person operations can look as professional as their large competitors when they offer electronic invoices with credit card processing included. It’s easier to get started than you think. Plannit’s business experts can help digitize everything you need in as little as 48 hours.

  • Download the Plannit app
  • Take a 30-minute planning call with us
  • Send us the document you need digitized
  • Complete an easy 60-minute training session

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