Job Scheduling Software

Easily plan your days, dispatch work and get real-time updates on jobs.

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Intuitive, easy to use scheduling app

  • Schedule one-time jobs or recurring visits
  • Drag and drop new jobs into your calendar
  • Color-coded by employee and/or by type of service
  • Let customers book appointments online

Switch between different calendar views to quickly find availability 

  • Timeframe (day, week, or month)
  • By employee or team, or
  • By type of service

Dispatch work in seconds

Quickly find unassigned jobs and dispatch work in seconds with the Planner tool. 

Connect your schedule to route planning to dispatch jobs by route.


Calendar and communication tools, all-in-one.

  • Send customers notifications when you’re on the way to an appointment
  • Record voice memos with special instructions for technicians that they can access when on-site



With the right tools, job scheduling and dispatching service calls can be done in minutes. Find out how Plannit can help you plan your days in a cinch

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