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        Job Management Software

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        Manage and dispatch work orders, recurring contracts, job forms and checklists. Track time worked for each job.


        Plannit’s suite of job management features gives you total insight into how every job is progressing.

        • Keep tabs on contracts and renewals
        • Use job checklists to train new staff, increase efficiency, and ensure quality control on every visit
        • Employees can record important details of a job site from their mobile device
        • Save work orders and client signatures 
        • Mobile punch clock features allow to track time worked on every job or visit

        See how job tracking works.

        Watch our short demo video to see how Plannit simplifies job tracking, work order management, and client signatures, starting from the initial customer inquiry.



        Plannit allows you to convert phone, email, text, any inquiries into new customer records and then create work orders with a single click. You can reply to customers to clarify their needs and update work orders without leaving the app. Add notes, assign the job to a team member, or create a task list for quality control.

        • Produce timesheets easily 
        • Avoid misunderstandings by keeping a record of all communications and signatures 
        • Add a job checklist for quality control
        • Eliminate lost paperwork
        • Track material expenses

        Make teamwork easy, so you don’t have to micromanage.

        Plannit offers a fully-featured set of management tools that help home service business owners and their workers. Use Plannit as your teamwork hub. Your teammates can ask questions of each other, share tips, update their status, and use checklists to make sure the job gets done correctly.

        • Check teammate locations with live GPS mapping
        • Ask questions of the customer or coworkers right in the app
        • Workers can update job statuses right from their phone
        • They can see complete work order and approval history, so there’s never a question what a customer OK’ed

        Keep everyone connected with in-app communication

        Plannit brings together digital job tracking tools and powerful communication options. Let customers reach you any way they choose because you can have all messages route into Plannit. You can review and respond to everything from web forms to email, texts, phone calls, and Facebook messages right in the same app. Connect with your teams in the field, answer customer questions, and get your team members the information they need to get the work done right the first time.


        Complete job histories always available at your fingertips.

        With Plannit, everything is digitized and recorded for future reference so that nothing gets lost. Access to all job information is at your fingertips, and you can find answers to your customer’s questions in seconds.


        Digitize your files to save on paper and printing costs.

        Going digital has never been easier. Get out from under the paperwork and put everything in Plannit for smoother, more cost-effective operating. Plannit can help you digitize your entire home service business in as little as 48 hours. The process is as simple as:

        • Downloading our app
        • Taking a 30-minute assessment call with us
        • Sending us the files you need imported
        • Running through a 60-minute training session

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