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    Field Service Scheduling & Dispatching

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    All of your appointments, contacts, routes and jobs - all in one place


    Keep tabs on everything with Plannit’s complete scheduling tool. Create and modify jobs and visits, and monitor the status of jobs in progress. Connect your schedule to customer management, route planning, and invoicing tools, among many, many more, all in one single app.

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    Throw that messy paper schedule in the trash. With Plannit, you can easily plan your days, track work crew assignments, and get real-time updates on jobs. Plannit handles all of your scheduling and job dispatching tasks in a single app. Organize busy days in minutes with an intuitive drag-and-drop calendar.

    • Coordinate schedules and assign tasks to teammates efficiently
    • Notify your clients when you arrive and view job progress in real-time
    • Color-code appointments by team member or whatever you like to see what’s happening at a glance
    • Drag-and-drop daily and weekly agendas
    • Easily schedule recurring customer visits with the click of a button

    Dispatch work with one click.

    Delegate work in seconds with Plannit’s easy-to-use dispatching tool. Assign work to an available staff member’s future schedule, or add it to their current daily itinerary. Get updates right on your phone as they complete jobs or have questions. Plannit makes it easy for everyone to get the job done.

    • Edit appointments for your work crews on the fly at your customer’s request
    • Have teams log work in the app for added accountability
    • Timesheet function is available for hourly worker tracking
    • Optional automated time-clocking makes supervision easy
    • Real-time updates on everything happening in your company

    Calendar and communication tools, all-in-one.

    Plannit offers a unique mix of communication tools that are tightly integrated with its scheduling and dispatching tools.

    • Send customers notifications when you’re on the way to an appointment
    • Record voice memos with special instructions for technicians that they can access when on-site
    • Create recurring appointments the moment a customer commits

    Designed to work for your industry.

    Plannit is flexible but not generic. It can be customized to work in any industry. You get a formidable mix of scheduling, communication tools, and other business management tools that Plannit experts can help set up to work precisely how you need them.


    Plannit is management software for everyone

    Better scheduling and dispatch management are within reach of any-sized home service company. No matter whether you’re a one-person operation, or an overworked owner juggling five work crews, Plannit gives you all the tools you need, and it’s easier to get started than you think. Plannit can help digitize everything you need in as little as 48 hours. All you have to do is:

    • Download our app
    • Take an initial 30-minute assessment call with us
    • Send us files you need imported
    • Do a 60-minute training session

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