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      Customer Communication Management

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      Make customer communication simple


      Bring all of your communication channels together in one place. Plannit connects your Facebook, email, web forms, phone, text messages, and chatbot messages in a single, easy-to-use hub. Never miss a new opportunity. Qualify new leads faster. Quickly prioritize new requests and follow-ups.

      Watch the short demo video to see Plannit in action.

      Watch to see how Plannit makes it easy for you to follow-up with every customer and incoming requests. Plannit centralizes:

      • Phone messages
      • Website chat messages
      • Text messages
      • Facebook messages
      • Email


      Faster, better communication helps you win new business and stand out from the competition. Automated responses and intelligent phone bot and chatbot let your contacts know their message is received and you’re taking care of them. Plannit handles it for you even when you’re driving or in the middle of another important job.

      • Automatically let customers know you’re on the way
      • Create customer surveys
      • Quickly respond 24/7 to any questions they might have
      • Send friendly reminders to schedule seasonal or annual service

      Use a customizable chatbot that can answer your customers’ most important questions.

      Plannit lets you add a chatbot to your website and use phonebots when you can’t answer a call. You can set these bots to answer your customers’ most common and most important questions, so they’re never left waiting for you. You can also configure these bots to ask essential qualifying questions of new leads. You’ll save time by not going back and forth with a lead, only to determine that they’re not a good fit for your service.


      Plannit puts an entire business office in your pocket.

      Not only does Plannit bring all of your customer communication channels together, it includes a fully-featured suite of management tools for your home service business.

      • Job tracking
      • Route planning & GPS
      • Scheduling & dispatching
      • Business reporting

      Plannit also includes an easy-to-use Client Hub that makes it simple for clients to pay their invoices, view their service history, and more.


      Unmatched communication tools for home service businesses.

      No other app gives you these kinds of communication tools. You see everything that comes in from your customers, all in one app. Pull up job histories, respond to every type of message. Plannit’s client communication tool brings it all together.

      • Send automated messages
      • Powerful, customized bots handle specific exchanges for you
      • Prioritize customer queries for follow up
      • One-click responses help you get back to your customers fast

      Your customers’ time is as valuable as yours

      Don’t leave your customers waiting for simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answers before they decide to book you. Use Plannit’s chatbot and pre-programmed messages to get them the information they need to make an informed purchasing decision. Customers don’t always want an extended phone call. Today, more and more busy people just want a quick reply so they can make a decision.

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