Collaboration & Team Management

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Maintain top-notch quality control over all your teams

time sheet

Make sure your company delivers the best work possible every single time. Create task lists for quality control. Add special notes to jobs and customer files to help your crew execute in the field.

Business owners can control how much or how little each employee can do within the app. Plannit lets you assign the right level of access to each individual.

  • Give workers access to in-app chat
  • Time clocking helps you track employee time on the job
  • Use built-in GPS tracking, so you always know where each employee is
  • Automatically find the employee closest to new, urgent jobs
  • Add or remove stops to daily itineraries as priorities change

Ensure every detail is taken care of

Plannit allows business owners to

  • Generate checklists and voice memos for employees in the field.
  • Attach notes to scheduled jobs to be pulled up when workers arrive at the job site.
  • Employees can log the job status 
  • In-app chat allows to contact coworkers and supervisors for any questions

Plannit maintains a complete record of everything that’s said and done for maximum quality control and accountability.

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