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        Why Plannit

        Plannit puts all of the tools you need to manage your customers and your home service business in one place


        Plannit is a different kind of home & field service management software that puts your customer relations front and center.

        Customers Want More

        Your customers want to reach you in a number of ways—phone, text, email, web form, messaging app. It doesn’t matter whether you’re on another job, on the road, or trying to power through paperwork.

        Plannit gives you and your customers what you’re both looking for.

        • Centralize all communication lines in one application.
        • Run your home service company right from your laptop, phone or tablet.
        • Your customers get a smoother experience, and you book more jobs.

        Going Digital with Plannit is Easier Than You Think

        It’s easy to get up and running with Plannit. We help you go completely paperless in as little as 48 hours. We only need 90 minutes of your time. Everything you need moves onto a single app.

        Use the same software on desktops, laptops, tablets, and phones. Plannit’s Customer Success Team will help you set up, import, and integrate everything you need.


        Complete business and customer management literally at your fingertips


        Customer Experience Features

        Keep Customers Coming Back Again and Again

        Plannit is designed for home service providers who want to stand out for their customer service. It collects every incoming contact in one central location. You can easily follow up on any query. 

        • Complete customer histories right at your fingertips.
        • Everything you know about a customer is searchable and sortable.
        • No more digging through filing cabinets to find approvals, invoices, or critical job notes.
        • Resolve issues and answer customer questions in seconds.

        You can automate follow-up emails, instantly let customers know you’re en route, and make digital contract renewals a snap.

        Turn leads to customers faster.

        Centralize communications

        Client Communications

        Never miss new business again and quickly prioritize customer requests. Follow-up is made easy for every web request, email, text, Facebook message, and phone call.

        Learn more about communication tools

        customer management

        Customer & Lead Management (CRM)

        Quickly prioritize every customer request. Get complete customers and lead histories instantly.

        Learn more about CRM

        Since we've been using Plannit, we've improved our customer service. Every customer feels unique and important. They feel like we know and remember who they are individually, amongst all of our clients.
        Isabelle Brisebois

        On the Job Features

        Track Job Progress and Locate Teams in Real Time

        Plannit helps you schedule the work week for you and your teams. Easily create, move, and reassign jobs. Update assignments for your teams when you’re at the office or right from your phone when you’re in the field.

        • Built-in mapping tools to optimize workday routes to save time and fuel.
        • Instantly see where each crew is located with the integrated Google Maps tool.
        • Create and save checklists to automate quality control.
        • Add notes to work orders and customer files on the fly, so your teams provide that special touch that keeps customers coming back again and again.
        • Track time on the job and help your teams collaborate through in-app chat.
        • Share expertise and advice from anywhere in the field.
        scheduling and dispatching

        Scheduling & Dispatching

        Schedule and update jobs quickly. Get the status on any open job, live from the field.

        Learn more about scheduling and dispatching tools 

        routes and GPS

        Route Planning & GPS

        Save gas and get your routes done faster. Generate optimized daily itineraries on-demand or load your preferred, customized routes.

        Learn more about route planning tools

        job tracking

        Job Tracking

        Track everything related to jobs in one place. No printing necessary.

        Learn more about job management tools

        team management

        Team Management

        Find out where your work crews are and what they’re doing. Get instant updates on their progress, answer questions, and create task lists.

        Learn more collaboration tools

        One of the features I cannot go without is specific to our field. Plannit allows us to easily comply with government requirements on tracking the products we use. I also like the scheduling options, which allow me to text clients ahead of time to advise that we are on our way, instead of having to call them.
        Jason Spencer
        Extermination ONEX

        Non-Billable Work Features

        Save Time on Paperwork

        Plannit comes with a complete administrative and billing suite.

        • Generate quotes, work orders and process invoices and payments, all right in the app.
        • Manage timesheets right in the same mobile or web portal.
        • Convert inquiries into customer records and create work orders with a single click.
        • Integrate with QuickBooks to keep all of your finances in sync and organized.
        • Process invoices faster than you can by hand so you can get on with your day.
        Manage invoices

        Quoting & Invoicing

        Power through paperwork with automated quoting and invoicing. Free up hours of your time every week.

        Learn more about quotes and billing tools

        payment processing

        Payment Processing

        Process payments right in the app, with no terminal fees.

        Learn more about online payments

        field service business reporting


        Sort, filter, and create reports for customers, invoices, quotes, jobs, and visits.

        I like the invoicing tools in the platform because I no longer have the expenses associated with paper and mailing. It’s an environmentally friendly way to serve my clients, and has allowed me to gain their trust, especially during COVID, which they very much appreciated.
        José Rodriguez

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